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Simon Smith Garden & Landscape Design


When looking for a garden designer or garden landscaping services, it is good know who you are working with. I am a Chartered Environmental Manager and experienced landscape designer. My scientific background informs my desire to design gardens and landscapes that are both practical and a haven for wildlife. I have a keen interest in sustainability and biodiversity. In addition to my scientific background, I have 25 years experience developing landscapes. I have a strong aesthetic, and bring a creative and collaborative approach to solving design problems.

In my spare time I enjoy being creative in ways other than garden design. In particular, I love music, which I both compose and perform. My tastes are eclectic and include anything with a good beat, melody or message.

My projects are drawn from many different sectors and include:

Hard landscaping

Paving, steps, gravel, retaining walls, drainage, samples and materials selection etc.

Environmental management

Use best practice to benefit nature and society.

Nature reserves

Management of ecosystems, wilding and design of natural habitats eg woodlands, meadows, ponds, etc.

Education and working with communities

To manage stakeholders, present projects, provide leadership and provide solutions.


"I think the garden looks fantastic"
Lee-Ann Britten